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Bullseye Powder Coating & Fabrication .   /   Right On Target - Right On Price

-10' X 10' X 15' Blast Cabinet & Oven. 

-We can tackle the largest & most demanding jobs! 

In this video, we are working on a 2019 Can-Am Defender Max Cab.  Taking the wheels from the stock painted black wheel, to an illusion cherry powder coat finish to match the factory paint.  

You will see the entire process, from removal, to sand blasting, prep and the application of both coats to create this effect. 

Bullseye Powder Coating has the ability to powder coat anything metal, so for your car or truck - we can change the color of the wheels or bumpers for a completely new look.  Or on the Farm for any AG application for tractors or combines, we can knock it out! 

Bullseye Powder Coating & Fabrication is always RIGHT ON TARGET - RIGHT ON PRICE. 


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